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Moderate Means Program Client Terms

For the purpose of program assessment, we may contact you or the lawyer you are referred to for information regarding your case. By participating in this program, you agree that the attorney we refer you to may share general information with us about your case, including how the case was resolved and what the final fee agreement was. In addition, you agree that we may share your intake information with lawyers participating in the Moderate Means Program. Please check the box below to show that you consent to these terms. (You will not be allowed to proceed to the application form until you check this box.)

The lawyer you are referred to will charge you fees. The lawyer's time is not a free service. You and the lawyer will negotiate the fee. The lawyer's hourly fee rate will vary. The lawyer will take into account your household income and the number of dependents. The lawyer may request an advance deposit. Be prepared to discuss the hourly fee rate and be prepared to possibly pay a nominal fee upfront.

Below is the sliding fee scale WSBA has suggested to participating lawyers based on the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) scale.

Individual client income 200-250% FPL: reduced hourly fee by 75%
Individual client income 250-350% FPL: reduced hourly fee by 50%
Individual client income 350-400% FP: reduced hourly fee by 25%

*An annual household income lower than approximately $22,900 will not qualify for this Program. Use the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) chart as a guideline for your negotiation with the lawyer. The WSBA Moderate Means Program cannot guarantee a specific fee. You should also tell the lawyer about your assets, debts, and any expenses that you regularly have. The lawyer may require documentation of your income.
Instruction: To request services from the Moderate Means Program, please answer the following questions honestly and to the best of your ability.

Is my legal issue something the Moderate Means Program can help with?

The Moderate Means Program currently provides legal referrals for Family, Housing, and Consumer issues. Please see our website at for examples of what these categories include. Select which of these three areas you need help with
Please note: If your legal issue does not fit into one of these areas, the Moderate Means Program may not be able to refer you to a participating lawyer, and you may not receive a call from a law student. Please see

Demographic Information

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Monthly Income

We need to determine if you are financially eligible for the Moderate Means Program.
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